Children and parenting disputes

Resolving Parenting Issues Respectfully

Australian law emphasise the rights of children to have a good quality and an uninterrupted relationship with both parents so that separating from your spouse does not mean that you are separating from your child.
One unfortunate consequence of the termination of a relationship is the disruption to children’s lives. The separation itself is a traumatic experience, leaving your child/ren with anguish and emotional breakdown. The trauma is magnified even more when routines are broken. Therefore, it is essential to make arrangements for your child’s future care and welfare as smoothly as possible.

What are joint custody and shared responsibility?

Joined custody usually means that both parents have legal rights towards the child. In addition, it means that each parent has an equal say in decisions regarding the child in areas like health and education.
Even if the child stays with the other parent, you will still have joint custody. Australian law ensures that the best interests of the children are served first. The court has to consider fostering a meaningful relationship between the children and their parents.

Where to start?

Firstly, you will want to get legal advice from a reliable lawyer. Mohan Yildiz & Associates Lawyers will take you through the essential areas needed to be considered and document a fair approach to arrangements for the child. If your spouse is agreeable, your lawyer may also help you formalize the document without proceeding to costly court processes and litigation.

As skilled lawyers, we can advise you in regard to the complexities of your specific situation. In addition, we can also guide you through the stressful process you might be in. So, please be sure to contact us to discuss your particular situation regarding your children with our experienced lawyers.