Domestic violence disputes and intervention violence orders

Applying For Domestic Violence Intervention Orders

A domestic violence, intervention order is an order from the court that prohibits a respondent from certain behaviours, including harassment, controlling, financial abuse, intimidation, stalking, violence or threat of violence.

Mohan Yildiz & Associates Lawyers has a team of experienced lawyers who can defend and prosecute domestic violence disputes. We take a compassionate and caring approach to deal with clients that have been subject to violence and abuse. We understand how traumatic and stressful time it is for someone going through and experiencing domestic violence.

Our solicitors are skilled domestic violence practitioners who aim to prioritize our clients’ safety and welfare.

What is a domestic violence intervention order?

A domestic violence, intervention order is issued from the court to restrain someone from harassing, stalking, intimidating, controlling, financial abuse or causing violence to the other party.

These orders can be designed to ensure protection to the victim from unwanted behaviours. They are made if the court is convinced that the person in need of protection fears violence by the defendant.

What if someone applies for an intervention violence order against you?

If an intervention violence order has been made against you, and you want to object, the court will adjourn the matter for a contested hearing. We can guide you through the entire process, prepare a thorough brief and represent you in court to defend the allegations.

Intervention orders are often resolved by being withdrawn when the respondent gives an undertaking to the court.
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