Globally recognized commercial litigation lawyers

Have you found yourself or your company in a commercial dispute? Seeking the expertise of a commercial litigation lawyer early can save you a fortune in the future. Plus, it will help protect your rights and interests, safeguarding you from a painful battle.

Commercial dispute: What is it?

A dispute between two and more businesses is considered a commercial dispute, which may involve a wide variety of disputes, especially about money. Below are the types of disputes involving:
• Misleading representation
• Injunctions
• Breach of contract
• Partnership disputes
• Disputes related to property ownership
• Money owed
More often than not, commercial disputes can go on for years, despite the best intentions to come to a mutual agreement. This results in emotional and financial resources.

Our approach

First, we take the time to get a comprehensive understanding of your business’s specific needs and financial standing. We show due diligence while working with our valuable clients to craft effective financial solutions, keeping their unique circumstances in mind.
We also make it a point to carefully explain available options to our clients, their rights and obligations. Thus, they will be able to decide the best course of action for them.
At Mohan Yildiz & Associates Lawyers, we are a team of skilled and empathetic professionals with a genuine passion for the job. It is our privilege to stand up for our discerning clients when they are in need.
Let us offer you an obligation-free consultation to help you go through a distressing time.