Property Disputes

Aiding in resolution in property disputes

We understand that separation can become difficult and emotional. Family dispute resolution aims to provide a supportive environment to reach better outcomes. It allows separating couples to make decisions and agreements regarding property division, money, liability and personal belongings. We have expertise in making property dispute arrangements for separated couples who need legal advice regarding property settlement.

If you are struggling to resolve the differences and want to understand your property settlement options, Mohan Yildiz & Associates Lawyers is here for you.

We strongly recommend that you seek legal advice during the mediation process. Our highly skilled team of lawyers has extensive knowledge and experience in all major aspects of property litigation. We work closely with you to evaluate the current situation and provide clear and practical advice in a way you can understand.

Are you eligible for property dispute resolution?

Not all property dispute resolution services are appropriate for every separated couple. Below are some of the eligibility criteria to become eligible for family property dispute resolution:

  • Couples who have dependent children
  • The net value of assets held by both parties jointly
  • No cases solely involving division of debt
  • At least one party who is living or working in the Mornington Peninsula region of Melbourne

If you do not qualify due to any of the factors mentioned above, you can still call us as we might be able to get you legal advice.